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[DPRG] Open challenge - Streaming video - This little robot went to town

Subject: [DPRG] Open challenge - Streaming video - This little robot went to town
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Thu Apr 27 07:14:23 CDT 2006

Today is the day of the contest.

Look on http://www.uni.edu/livemedia for a link, then click,
Robot Competition April 27 9:00am Central Time.

UNI has taken the leadership here, and is providing the best of
streaming video equipment and coverage, and a beautiful room,
local media coverage as well, so this is rather a special
for the robotics community.

I will be emcee-ing this event, along with my co-instructor Dr.
Olson who will be keeping the "score board"..

We have one Ship-In. Great credit to Dan Derrick who sent his
from Indiana to compete with the new students robots. He will
have a
place in history as one of the very first to "Ship-In" or
enter his robot from long distance. We will run two sessions,
one with
the students only, and then another "Open" where Dan, who has
won at
the national level in his region, tries to teach the new kids
"how it's
done." I don't have an entry, per sa, but I have to say, this
new crop

We thank Dan for being the first to try this new method of
enter. Come
see who teaches who "how it's done" because to me, it is not at
obvious who'll win this competition. TThis is a live web
broadcast. A
month ago we ran the trial version of this, we have well over
web-visitors, from over a dozen countries, so this really could
considered a contest with international attention. Please join
us this
morning, by logging in and checking us out.

Randy M. Dumse
Caution: Objects in mirror are more confused than they

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