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[DPRG] $40 speech recognition chip

Subject: [DPRG] $40 speech recognition chip
From: Michael Giambalvo heathkit at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jul 1 02:10:04 CDT 2006

In keeping with my newfound habit of posting things I don't normally
post, I was looking at this Wikipedia article:


What surprised me was they mentioned two manufacturers of speech
recognition chips, Sensory Inc and Extell.  So I checked out one of
Sensory's development boards:


$129 for the development system, $40 for extra modules.  I'm not
running out to buy one, but it surprises me that you can get something
like this at about the same price point as a Basic stamp.

Anyone seen these before?  Any experience with them?  Sensory claims
the VRStamp is speaker independent.  I wonder how well it works.

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