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[DPRG] True Multi-Tasking Processor

Subject: [DPRG] True Multi-Tasking Processor
From: danny staple danny at orionrobots.co.uk
Date: Sat Jul 1 17:05:27 CDT 2006

On 01/07/06, Pete Miles <pete at walkingrobots.com> wrote:
> True, the Basic Stamp is only a single threaded Microprocessor.
> But Parallax as recently released a true multi-tasking processor called the Propeller.
> http://www.parallax.com/propeller/index.asp
> This bad boy can do 8 different things simultaneously!
> Pete

Hmm - I spotted this the other day. Its interesting, but not cheap
(comparatively). However, "Spin" sounds interesting, being object
oriented, and offering a framework of objects. That sounds a lot like
the ooPIC. However, having a few PIC Micros or AVRs might acheive the
same, using C (which can deliver some abstraction), and would be
considerably cheaper.

After being a playstation 2 programmer, I am very aware that
multi-core programming can be a real headache - especially to debug.
If you are advanced enough to start getting parallel processing, would
one MC plus an FPGA be a better idea?

Now a chip that combined those, and offered lots of IO would be great
- you could then code your own PWM coders, I2C bus handlers etc as
systems on the FPGA, and the core of your code in a familiar MC

Now since some chip manufacturers can license a core you can buy for
an FPGA, then this might be acheivable.

Danny Staple MBCS
(Full contact details available through website)

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