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[DPRG] ideas

Subject: [DPRG] ideas
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Sat Jul 1 17:38:23 CDT 2006


Randy wrote:

> as interesting as the original premise of
> this thread is, I'm not sure it's right.

The original premise (I think) sprang from a quote by
Colin Angle of iRobot at the Robo Business Conference, which
resonated with our RBNO discussion the evening previous:

"We are not waiting on the technology. We are waiting on good
business models and ideas."

That seems to include an implication that we have not yet realized
the potential of the technology that we already have.

I think that's probably true.

So, you believe that we _do_ have all the ideas we need and it's the
technology that's holding things up?  

To stay with the musical analogy, you suggest we are waiting on Cristofori
to invent the piano, where it seems to me that we are waiting on Mozart
and Beethoven to show us how to play it.


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