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Subject: [DPRG] ideas
From: William Harold Newman william.newman at airmail.net
Date: Sun Jul 2 08:21:03 CDT 2006

On Sat, Jul 01, 2006 at 02:12:24PM -0500, David P. Anderson wrote:
> > If the discussion is actually about microcontrollers, I am going
> > to disagree. In my opinion, the latest greatest micro is the one
> > you should be working on. 
> You can't really use yourself as an example. because you have taken
> the time to master one technology before moving on to the next.  And
> you have carried the core of Forth and the state machine concepts
> that evolved into IsoMax along with you.  You are not a representative
> data point. (I've been called worse...)
> However, if you are saying that it's better to play a bunch of instruments
> poorly rather than one well, in the hopes that the conglomerate experience
> will somehow morph into proficiency, then on this point we simply disagree.

I think I agree with you (DPA) here, but I'd like to point out that
that is not the only way to look at the value of "playing a bunch of
[or at least several] instruments poorly" by being a jack of several
interacting trades. Consider Id Software over yonder in Mesquite.
Would Doom have been a better game if John Romero had prepared for his
work on its design by spending his life specializing in game design
without wasting his time working through the guts of game programming?
and if John Carmack had prepared for his work on programming its
graphics engine by specializing in game programming without wasting
his time designing some games? That's not so clear.
> However, I'm always willing to settle such matters on the field of honor.
> Shall we say, outdoor robots at 2000 paces?  

Alas, I seem to have no honor. (But how about compiler maintenance at
20+ years after the original code was written?:-)

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