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Subject: [DPRG] RPL
From: Ed Okerson ed at okerson.com
Date: Thu Jul 6 11:02:31 CDT 2006

> On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 18:11, Ed Okerson wrote:
>> Is there any interest in reviving the Robot Power
>> Lunch? ... at Collin Creek Mall ...
> I'm all for restarting them but can't make it today. I'm in downtown
> Dallas these days so Collin Creek Mall is a bit of a drive for me. A
> wihle back, someone suggested rotating them around to different
> locations each month.

Rotating it would spread the driving load around, but would add the
complexity of scheduling.  I'm afraid that rotating it would end up
fragmenting the attendance, people would only show up when it is at the
location closest to them.  Is there a more central location that we could
standardize on?  I liked the idea of a mall food court so there is some
selection to choose from.


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