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[DPRG] AVR sprintf problem

Subject: [DPRG] AVR sprintf problem
From: Scott Sumner scott at lighthouse21.com
Date: Tue Jul 18 00:58:58 CDT 2006

Hello all,
	I'm using the ADC in an Atmega88 to read a voltage and display it on a set
of 7 segment LEDs.  I'm succesfully reading the ADC because I can output the
result register directly and the number reflects changes in the
potentiometer.  However, as soon as I do the math to convert it to voltage
and attempt to sprintf the decimal value into my string I get a blank
display.  I'm using a double to store the conversion result and have tried
%f, %lf, %3.3lf, etc. as the sprintf format string.  Any ideas?

	scott at lighthouse21.com

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