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[DPRG] Low Cost USB 68HC908 Programmer

Subject: [DPRG] Low Cost USB 68HC908 Programmer
From: Kipton Moravec (SPEC Manufacturing) kip.moravec at specmanufacturing.com
Date: Fri Jul 28 09:12:13 CDT 2006

I am looking for a low cost USB programmer for the 68HC908. The web searches
come up with general purpose programmers that cost over $300 each.

I think it uses the 5-wire ISP programming mode.

This will be a dedicated programmer, and customized by bringing leads off
the programmer to match up with the positions on the one board that must be
programmed. Ideally it would just be a board because we have to make a
custom board holder for the board that is being programmed anyway.

I know nothing about the Motorolla/Freescale 68HC908 chips, I just have to
build 2 production programmers cheaply.

Anyone more familiar than I am? (Probably everyone is more familiar with the
68HC908 than I am.)


Kipton Moravec
SPEC Tronics, Inc
wk#: (972) 278-8999
cell#: (214) 929-8121
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