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[DPRG] RE: simpleminded monocular road detection (Chris Jang)

Subject: [DPRG] RE: simpleminded monocular road detection (Chris Jang)
From: Lance Rose lrose at jhsi.com
Date: Thu May 4 12:36:24 CDT 2006

What kinda hardware/software setup are you using?  This is great stuff.

>> I tried hacking a very simple monocular road detection algorithm for
a robot test drive yesterday. It is 
>> incredibly primitive. Everything is done in post processing for
visualization of what can work. But as there is >> little computation
involved, no major issues are foreseen for an onboard implementation.

>> http://golem5.org/robot1/video/drive02.mpg (about 2.1 MB)

So each pixel is assumed to be a certain distance out?

>> What's effectively going on is a projection from the camera image
pixels down to the ground plane. If accurate 
>> topography were available using laser rangefinders, etc, then the
projection could be pretty accurate as the
>> ground shape would be known. Then it would really be an inverse
texture mapping.

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