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[DPRG] Registration for RoboGames2006 is almost closed!

Subject: [DPRG] Registration for RoboGames2006 is almost closed!
From: David Calkins dcalkins at robotics-society.org
Date: Tue May 9 17:59:32 CDT 2006

Don't Forget to Register for RoboGames 2006!

If you've already registered - Thanks!  Can't wait to see you!  If you 
haven't registered, you've got 5 weeks to polish your robot, but you've 
only got 1 week left to register.  Register here:

Don't miss the biggest robot contest in America, this June 16-18th!  Last 
year we had over 600 builders from 13 countries bring over 450 robots - you 
not only get to compete against some great minds, but you also get to meet 
people from all over the world and see some amazing robots!

Just look at all these events:

Open: Robot Triathlon, Ribbon Climber, Line Slalom, Mindstorms Challenge, 
Best of Show, Maze Solving, Aibo Performer, Balancer Race - R/C, Fire 
Fighting, Mindstorms Open, Balancer Race - Auto, Table Top Navigation, Vex 
Open, Vex Challenge, Biped Race, Walker Challenge, Robomagellan

Robot Soccer: Humanoid, MiroSot 3:3 & 5:5, and Aibo Soccer

Sumo (autonomous): 25g, 100g, 500g, LEGO 1kg, 3kg

Sumo (R/C): 3kg

BEAM: Speeder, Photovore, Robosapien Hacker

Combat (R/C): 150g-340 lbs

Combat (Autonomous): 1 & 3 pound

Junior League (<18 yr old): Lego - Woots and Snarks, 120 lb Combat, 
Mindstorms Challenge, Best of Show, 500 g Sumo, Handy Board Ball, 
Mindstorms Open, BasketBall Challenge, Vex Open, Vex Challenge

ROBO-ONE: Door Opening, The Eagle, Toss, Wrestling, Demonstration, Stair 
Climbing, Musical, Static, Kinetic, Bartending, Painting

Tetsujin:Walking Race, Weightlifting, Dexterity

Bot Hockey: 12 lb

Register here:

Event Details
Date: Fri-Sun, June 16-18, 2006
Time: Noon - 11pm
Where: Ft. Mason, Festival Pavilion: http://robogames.net/directions.php

I really hope you can all show up!

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