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[DPRG] Last Week to register for RoboGames2006!

Subject: [DPRG] Last Week to register for RoboGames2006!
From: David Calkins dcalkins at robotics-society.org
Date: Tue May 16 15:28:04 CDT 2006

Hey guys and gals!

Only 6 days left before registration closes.  This is a great show, and 
we've already got almost 400 robots.  It's a great chance to meet robot 
builders from around the world, and see some new robot competitions.

You've still got 5 weeks to polish your bot - which is even enough time to 
start and finish a new sumo-bot, BEAM bot, or RoboNova!

There's still lots of slots available for the following bots:

FIRE FIGHTING: There are lots of fire-fighting bots out there, let's see 
some more!

3KG SUMO:  This is your best chance to meet foreign builders - Singapore, 
Mexico, Japan - we should have to turn people down there should be so many 

BALANCER RACE:  Got a two-wheeled balancing robot?  Bring it out!

BIPED RACE:  I keep reading about people building walking robots, let's see 
them shine.

HEXAPOD  CHALLENGE:  The only event in America just for 6-legged bots.  
This is a great opportunity to show off your bot.

BEAM SPEEDER/PHOTOVORE:  Come on, it's not like they cost much.  Let's get 
those bots registered.

ROBO-ONE (ROBONOVAS!):  If you've got a RoboNova, you compete for free!  
All other Robo-Ones compete for only $10.  Let's go!

TETSUJIN:  Where are all the ironmen?  Servo magazine needs you.

MIROSOT:  There must be more 5:5 soccer teams out there - let's see you 
compete in SF.

BEST OF SHOW:  This is everyone's chance to shine.  Any bot you can imagine 
can compete - it doesn't have to fit into any particular rule-set!

Register here:

Event Details
Date: Fri-Sun, June 16-18, 2006
Time: Noon - 11pm
Where: Ft. Mason, Festival Pavilion: http://robogames.net/directions.php

I really hope you can all show up!

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