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[DPRG] Video of 6 wheeled military robot

Subject: [DPRG] Video of 6 wheeled military robot
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Fri May 19 16:48:21 CDT 2006

> The bot looks like a giant version
> of David Anderson's JBOT

Yes it does, and it shows the utility of the three wheels to a
side skid steering for manueverability. I'd hate to have to buy
tires for that thing on a regular basis though.

They did say going fast (60mph) and doing skid steering is not
something you'd want to do.

Watching it, I am put in mind of Mike Keeslings Robopede, the
centipede like robot. The thing is, if you have sections with
wheels "on the ground" you can do pretty amazing things with the
front of the vehicle. So while jBot and this one use the same
principle to gain clearances up to about half their height, the
robopede was able to climb obstacles several times higher than
its body. Also, since Robopede could bend its body, it could
steer very easily at very high speeds.

So I'm not sure we've seen the last of this "adding wheels"
without having to resort to tracks.


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