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[DPRG] Video of 6 wheeled military robot

Subject: [DPRG] Video of 6 wheeled military robot
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Sat May 20 13:25:31 CDT 2006


> > The bot looks like a giant version
> > of David Anderson's JBOT


> So while jBot and this one use the same
> principle to gain clearances up to about half their height
> the robopede was able to climb obstacles several times higher
> than its body.

Not so.  JBot routinely climbs over obstacles several times
it's wheel height.  Here's a video of it climbing over
curbs that are about twice the wheel height:


and somewhere I have it climbing over rocks in Colorado at least
3 times the wheel height.  This is because of a combination of the
long suspension travel (30 inches on the Crusher, 3.5 inches on
jBot), combined with the center wheels, which keep the vehicle(s)
from bottoming out.

Interesting to me that the Crusher team is just now coming to the
problems of sensors and autonomy (note the array of 8 SICK scanners)
which is very much the trajectory we followed on the jBot.  This
really re-enforces my belief that we can get more development work
accomplished with jBot sized robots than full sized vehicles, because
of the logistical problems of working with large heavy robots.  

For example, I'm now working on the dynamic balance for jBot. i.e.
it will be able to balance on either the front or the rear two
wheels, like nBot, to handle certain unstable positions, and to
prevent flipping over backwards when climbing steeply.  Imagine
the process of developing that capability on Crusher, or any other
half ton vehicle. Scary!


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