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[DPRG] Sensors

Subject: [DPRG] Sensors
From: Dave Peterson robodave1 at comcast.net
Date: Mon May 22 21:15:42 CDT 2006

>From Rons description, here's a link to a vague datasheet
(Mini-S pins) :
If you follow the pinout on the sheet, and read  an email
description from a gentleman named Ed Rupp from the Front
Range Robotics club, you can probably use it with your
favorite MCU.

Ed says :

> The trick is to have pin 4 'Trigger Enable' tied to
ground.  Pulse pin 3
> 'External Trigger' for at least 10 ms then bring low.
Have your micro
> count time after pulsing pin 3,  have it look for the pin
5 'Clock
> Output' go Low.  When pin 5 goes low that when a sound
pulse has been
> seen back.
> So If you have the PC board facing you with the header
left, pin one is
> at the bottom.  Counting up to pin 7.
> Pin 1 Power Supply + 8 to 16 volts DC
> Pin 2 Ground, tie the grounds of both the sonar and PIC
> Pin 3 External Trigger, normal low, set high for a moment
`10 to 20 ms
> Pin 4 Trigger Enable, tie to ground to set for range mode
> Pin 5 Clock Output, when pin 3 sees a trigger, pin 5 goes
high, untell a
> sound echo comes back, then it goes low.
> pin 6 and 7 are not used for range
> Also note that theres a built in blanking period that the
unit needs to
> wait for the transducer to stop vibrating and be able to
hear the echo.
>   As a result anything closer than about a foot can't be
seen.  So make
> sure nothing is too close.  It may be working fine but
stuff is too
> close to be seen.

Hope that helps.


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From: "Brian E Clough" <

> Hello All:
> First, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted me
into third place
> in the Robot Talent Show, the weekend before last.
> However, that leads me into my question of the day.  As a
prize, I won
> two large ultrasonic sensors.  I'm trying to find data for
them, so I
> can incorporate them into the Hexapod.  ID is as follows:
> FGI-S000050, Rev 2
> Does anyone have a datasheet on these units?
> Brian

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