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[DPRG] TI 430 seminar is this Thursday

Subject: [DPRG] TI 430 seminar is this Thursday
From: Kipton Moravec (SPEC Manufacturing) kip.moravec at specmanufacturing.com
Date: Fri May 26 15:33:01 CDT 2006

I went to the afternoon session. It is an 8 MHz or 16 MHz device. Newer ones
are 16 MHz and most register to register instructions are 1 clock. However
some instructions are more than 1 clock. The AVR is Harvard architecture,
and the TI430 is von Neumann (sp?) architecture. It is probably overall
faster than an AVR, because its operations are 16 bit versus the AVR 8 bit
even though many instructions are multiple clocks.  The assembler code is
pretty simple. It is a very compact assembler.

The cool thing about it is the idle mode is very very low power, and it
wakes up and switches to full speed in less than 1 microsecond. So they wake
it up (with any interrupt), do work, then put it to sleep. It will keep
track of time for 10 years on a coin cell battery!

There are lots of variants with different configurations of memory and

The development system, including a processor, USB debugger, and 4K max C,
unlimited assembler, is $20.00 (Twenty, I did not miss a zero.)

Dale, I will try to burn you a copy of the CD.


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> Steve,
>  > I wasn't able to make it to the TI 430 seminar. Did I miss anything
>  > interesting?
> It was a brief introduction to the device family and its
> architecture and major
> features.  No time was spent on using the development software
> provided (IAR
> KickStart).  Lunch was served, and free development kits were
> distributed.  Not
> bad at all for 3 hours (including lunch).  Unfortunately, the CD
> in my kit was
> scratched and I have been unable to play with the development
> thingie (USB
> emulation adapter) yet.
> It seems the MSP430 line has more going for it than just low
> power, which is its
> major claim to fame.
> Thanks,
> Dale Wheat
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