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[DPRG] TI 430 seminar is this Thursday

Subject: [DPRG] TI 430 seminar is this Thursday
From: Wade A Smith warm38 at juno.com
Date: Mon May 29 17:56:36 CDT 2006

I attended in Orlando, Fla.

The IAR compiler is 4K object code limited.
The CodeComposerStudio is 8K object code.
There is no time limitation on either compiler.  They are downloadable
from the TI site at any time.

Many of the MSP430 parts are 1K, 2K 4K and 8K, so the compilers are free
for those parts.   The bigger parts  (16+K) are a different story.
The full IAR is either 3K$ or 5K$ (no way for me!)
I have no idea about CCStudio. (I believe it is also in the "ouch" range)

The freeby USB ONLY works for the F2013 (unless you design a board to
plug into the USB connector). They are available from the website for
If you attended the seminar, you can buy one item at half price ($99 for
a jtag for any part, $149 for jtag+ZIF for a specific pin size -- and at
half price it becomes a  good deal, IMO).


On Mon, 29 May 2006 16:03:48 -0500 "Jeff Koenig" <koenig.jeff at gmail.com>
> Kip Wrote:
> ... USB debugger, and 4K max C...
> Is the C compiler time-restricted?  How much is the unlimited C 
> compiler?
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