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[DPRG] DC Motor Shaft Adapters - Obstacle #1 of Many.

Subject: [DPRG] DC Motor Shaft Adapters - Obstacle #1 of Many.
From: Jonathan szarzynski at earthlink.net
Date: Tue May 30 16:56:10 CDT 2006

Last week I pulled the trigger and purchased some parts for my big robot base.  

The one part that I cant seem to find is an adapter for the DC motor.  The motor came with a machined part attached to the shaft by a pin.  I call this part the shaft adapter.  The problem with this part is that it has a smooth outside diameter for a roller-clutch.  A roller clutch is a ball-bearing-like thing that only rotates in one direction - basically acting like a freewheel.  I need a fixed gear attached to the shaft.  But I cant find any adapters that fit the motor and are keyed, or have a flat spot for a set screw.  Nor can I find a gear with a pin so I can ditch the adapter.  The only options I think I have involve machining - either putting a flat spot on the adapter that I have or machinging a new adapter.  I dont like these options because I dont have that kind of equipment.  I figured some of you have probably come accross this problem and maybe you have some advice for me - like a supplier or some other option I may have.



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