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[DPRG] Lego Extreme?

Subject: [DPRG] Lego Extreme?
From: danny staple danny at orionrobots.co.uk
Date: Tue May 30 17:13:05 CDT 2006

On 30/05/06, Sluggy! <sluggy9912 at swbell.net> wrote:
> http://knuttz.yi.org/hosted_pages/Lego-Pinball-20060525
Hi Sluggy,
I saw this some time ago. It is very impressive, especially when you
think what it takes to coordinate that many RCX's. They dont handle
communication too well, basically all they have is a simple IR
messaging system.

Have a look here: http://www.pinballnews.com/news/lego.html and
http://news.lugnet.com/events/legoworld/?n=82 both of which give more
depth and information on the thing.

It certainly impressed me.


Danny Staple MBCS
(Full contact details available through website)

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