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[DPRG] offroad robot exercizes -- 11 Nov 06

Subject: [DPRG] offroad robot exercizes -- 11 Nov 06
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Thu Nov 2 10:08:23 CST 2006


robodave wrote:
> Should we use the 110.99 to 197.30 to 291.63 to 
> 15.66 degree headings? (Assuming of course I actually have a robot respond 
> to compass headings apprpriately).


The most useful/flexible would be if you can set you robot down at
any arbitrary location pointing in any arbitrary direction and
drive 100 feet out and back or around a 100 foot square, clockwise
and/or counter-clockwise.  That way you can run the tests in
any available space, not just this particular parking lot.

Lacking that, if your robot starts at the location #1 in the parking
lot and drives on a heading of 110.99 degrees for 100 feet, then
on a heading of 197.30 degrees for 100 feet, then 291.63 for 100 feet,
then 15.66 degrees for 100 feet, you should end up pretty close to
the starting place, which is the object of this exercise.

I have added the azimuth/distance calculations to the webpage,
as well as the "C" code for calculating those from a pair of lat/lon
coordinates, at:


best regards,

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