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[DPRG] 2007 DPRG Elections

Subject: [DPRG] 2007 DPRG Elections
From: ellis76016 at comcast.net ellis76016 at comcast.net
Date: Tue Nov 14 22:39:30 CST 2006

DPRG Members,
According to DPRG bylaws: "The annual meeting of the members of the corporation shall be held at the first regular meeting in January of each year at the time and place prescribed by the Board of Directors. The members shall elect Executive Officers at the annual meeting."

It was decided in at the November monthly meeting that nominations for the Board of Directors will be set at the December meeting. This will allow for nominations by proxy before the December meeting and in turn voting by proxy before the January annual meeting. Nominations can still be made at the December meeting. It was confirmed that proxies can be submitted by email for nominations and voting.

Nominations will be closed and announced by email after the December meeting. Proxy voting will be accepted until the day of the annual meeting.
In person voting will be held at the annual meeting and counted with the proxy votes.

David Ellis
DPRG Secretary

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