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[DPRG] EmbedCV Santa object features movie

Subject: [DPRG] EmbedCV Santa object features movie
From: Chris Jang cjang at ix.netcom.com
Date: Thu Nov 30 18:38:55 CST 2006


I took a short video of a Christmas display, split the images out, 
processed them with the EmbedCV sample tools, and then reassembled them 
back into a movie.

http://golem5.org/embedcv/video/santa.mpg (2.8 MB)

Left frame   - detected object features
Center frame - original image
Right frame  - floor segmentation

It was early to make a demo video. I didn't want to do this with very 
immature code. But I didn't know how stable the algorithms are.

Object features are pretty stable. That is good as it means the overall 
approach can probably work. But ... the image segmentation can use some 
work. It needs greater sophistication.

Also, I ran into at least one divide by zero bug while making this movie. 
One of them was a bug I had fixed earlier but somehow missed making it 
into the source code snapshot. I apologize if people try out the library 
sample tools and have a bad impression. It's still early yet.


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