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[DPRG] battery rejuvination

Subject: [DPRG] battery rejuvination
From: Ed Okerson ed at okerson.com
Date: Tue Sep 5 06:12:20 CDT 2006

> Ed,
>  > So do I need to go buy acid to put in them?
> Yes, you need to get the replacement electrolyte (acid) for that
> particular battery.  Most non-sealed batteries are shipped 'dry' now and
> include a cardboard box with a plastic bag that holds the acid.
> Other than the battery store, I don't know where you'd get it, tho.  And
> I'm not 100% sure they're gonna stock 'replacement' acid, so you might
> have to talk someone out of the acid for a new battery.

So how do you dispose of used acid?  Even better, how do you get it out of
the battery?  Is there a dry acid that can be added to the exisiting
mixture in the battery to make it stronger?


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