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[DPRG] Saturday meeting tomorrow - location change!

Subject: [DPRG] Saturday meeting tomorrow - location change!
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Fri Sep 8 10:06:10 CDT 2006

Meeting attendees:

Please plan on attending the DPRG official meeting for September 2006 at 
Fair Park.  We will be starting at noon on Saturday, 9 September 2006 
(that's tomorrow).

Due to a scheduling conflict, we will not be able to use the 'ViewSpace' 
area where we normally meet.  We will instead be meeting in the 
Planetarium building.  Here are the alternate direction from our 
talented & resourceful liason, Summer Smith:

"Go into the former Science Place building, as usual.  Pass through the 
lobby and exit from the doors to the left of the IMAX (before you get to 
the Café).  Continue down the sidewalk, crossing the lagoon on the 
rust-colored octopus-like sculpture, and keep walking until you reach 
the Planetarium, which will be the second building on your left, at the 
foot of the ferris wheel.  (We share the building with WRR.)  Enter 
through the main doors, and retrieve your name tag at the front desk. 
The meeting will be in the new Viewspace area, which is a public area 
with benches."

There will be a staff greeter on hand to redirect those that do not 
process this last-minute venue-change notification properly.

There will be a short technical presentation on stepper motors.  Don't 
expect anything complicated...  we'll just cover the basics and 
hopefully get a few motors stepping around.  Your boundless imaginations 
and resourcefulness will lead you from there...

See you tomorrow!  Bring a friend, a robot, or a large cash donation 
*tee hee hee*

Dale Wheat
2005,2006 DPRG President

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