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[DPRG] Long Haul Waypoints

Subject: [DPRG] Long Haul Waypoints
From: sagun maini sagun_smart at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Sep 11 05:18:43 CDT 2006

Hi all,
  How are you...? I am having a problem with recieving packets from the ethernet IP...the programming is in C...The data either gets lost or corrupted how to track the data...please help....so far check has failed but if u give me a code for checksum I will be grateful...

"John C. Abshier" <jabshier at kc.rr.com> wrote:
  Those points match the descriptions and pictures much better. What GPS
did you use? I have been wondering, how do you tell a robot where to
go? At my home in Leavenworth, I cannot get a WAAS signal with a Garmin
Etrex Vista. It will not keep one on a 2 lane road. There are other
GPS's that are more accurate. Also for some GPS you can post process
the data for better accuracy. But may of the DARPA Grand Challenge
teams reports occasionally having large GPS error with high priced
subscription differential GPSs. Even without errors, maps have
inaccuracies. If there is a small river next to a railroad, next to a
road, the map maker makes the river, road, and rail road wider than real
life to make them visible on the map, then displaces them to provide
visual separation. I think the eventual answer will be vision. You
tell the robot generally where to go and it uses vision to avoid
obstacles, stay on roads/trails, and to recognize the final target
location. Of course, vision remains an open research problem that
resists Moore's Law.

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