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[DPRG] Need help with software

Subject: [DPRG] Need help with software
From: John Harrison johnh630 at comcast.net
Date: Fri Sep 22 09:37:12 CDT 2006

Hello all,


Does anyone know of a graphics programmer that would be interested in some
part-time work?  I have been spending way too much time developing user
interfaces and need some help.  I am looking for someone that has experience
with graphics on a small display (320x240) and is familiar with rudimentary
animation in a Windows CE environment.  I may move to a UNIX style
environment in the near future.


Along with maintaining the user interface, the software needs to display and
update changing maps in real time.  Being able to write efficient code is a
requirement.  A game programmer would be great.


If anyone knows of someone, please have them contact me at
johnh630 at comcast.net.



John Harrison


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