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[DPRG] 23 Sept 06 DPRG Robot Contest

Subject: [DPRG] 23 Sept 06 DPRG Robot Contest
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Tue Sep 26 02:24:49 CDT 2006

>> Anybody count how many robots were there?
Maybe we will hear from Martin/Dale who I presume have the entry form  
information, but at least inspecting my photos, I see 10 robots. It seemed like  
more than that -- maybe because of their size and complexity.
Prizes were awarded:
1st David Anderson, jBot
2nd UT Austin RAS, (robot name?)
3rd Ron Grant, BunnyBot
In addition 2 robots from UTA, were presented by Brian Huff, including a  
tank and and a modified Traxxas.
Martin and Steve presented the club Tankbot, which they put a good deal of  
time on the past week -- not to mention contributions by others like Ed 
Paradis,  and you David, in the past.
Ed Okerson presented his two hundred pound beast -- which he actually rode  
around on as part of his demo.
Maybe I will get some help on the two or three other robots entered.
I was a combination of late,fried and sick -- that's my excuse for not  
knowing too much anyway.
I regret not seeing your demo, David. Did any other robots attempt the  
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