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[DPRG] toy H-bridge hacking

Subject: [DPRG] toy H-bridge hacking
From: Wade A Smith warm38 at juno.com
Date: Sun Aug 26 15:10:55 CDT 2007

Once upon a time I seem to recall a "how to" article to connect a
microcontroller to a toy's H-bridge.    Does anyone recall that or is
that a case-by-case only activity requiring a mentor of the EE
persuasion.   I'm a software guy  with enough digital electrical
knowledge to be a danger to myself and anyone else near my experiments.  
So as soon as you talk analog stuff (capacitors and transistors) I am
quickly out of it.  I can recognize them.  I can read a datasheet (I look
at the pictures to know which pin is which).  And I can sorta trace the
lines on a PCB, but do NOT ask me to generate a schematic. (it usually
looks like the PCB, so why go thru the trouble?)
I have a few moving toys with H-bridges and I would like to connect up to
them and control them with various microprocessors and sensors.
Any guru EE types out there?  Or can you suggest a place to go  (URL, not
The Hot Place)?
wade, former DPRG member living in exile in Florida
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