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[DPRG] Is subsumption old hat?

Subject: [DPRG] Is subsumption old hat?
From: Sluggy! sluggy9912 at swbell.net
Date: Tue Aug 28 08:58:49 CDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-08-28 at 11:53 +0100, Dave Grubb wrote:

> However, just because the focus of research has moved from one paradigm to 
> another it doesnt mean that those superseded paradigms are useless. If a 
> practical problem can be solved by using a subsumption architecture then 
> its entirely appropriate to do so.


> Essentially, I think my and Jeffs answers can be summed up 
> as right tool for the job. :)

Absolutely! My having a bandsaw does not mean that I throw out my coping
saw, even if they can make identical cuts. There are times when one tool
or the other is more appropriate.

> subsumption amongst amateur groups stems from that it does offer a robust 
> and easy to implement solution to the kinds of problems of a scale tackled 
> by  hobbyists.

I think that implementing a classical subsumption architecture
encourages the builder to analyze the priority of the available sensors
and experiment with them. Common implementations also simplify adding
sensors without necessarily scrapping their code and starting over,
something that is VERY important to most hobbyists.


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