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[DPRG] Right tool for the job

Subject: [DPRG] Right tool for the job
From: Sluggy! sluggy9912 at swbell.net
Date: Tue Aug 28 14:51:43 CDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-08-28 at 14:22 -0500, dpa wrote:
> Quote from Joseph Jones "Robot Programming" Chapter 4, pp 88-89:

> and the robot seems especially adept at locating obstacles the sonar
> can't see.

This may well be the best summary of my own limited experience with
sensors and not just in robots. Seems that no matter what I design or
how much time I spend trying to address potential interference
(mechanical mostly, sometimes electrical, often political), the
contrivance will find a way to show me what I missed :)


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