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[DPRG] DPRG Feb 2007 Meeting and Mini-Contest

Subject: [DPRG] DPRG Feb 2007 Meeting and Mini-Contest
From: jl_harris at juno.com jl_harris at juno.com
Date: Mon Feb 12 12:59:50 CST 2007


Congrats to our new president, Eric Sumner, whose idea for the "easier"
mini-contest resulted in a large increase in entries.  The result was
the largest number of robots entered in a single contest I've seen in
the 6 years I've been a member.  The last count I took there were 22
robots present (not sure how many entered the contest but it was most
of them).

This was the first contest I've entered.  Surprisingly, my SRbot (Tyco
Super Rebound base) tied for 1st place with David Anderson's LegoBot. 
I'm pleased to share this honor with  "dpa" since many of his ideas are
embedded in SRbot.  Thanks David for the helpful advice and tutorials
(such as your Odometry paper) and the many pointers to useful
information on the WEB (ie Johann Borenstein's "Where Am I?").  

Many other members of DPRG need to be mentioned for their mentoring
roles and not just toward me:  Dale Wheat for sharing is knowledge of
AVR MCU's and software.  Will Kuhnle for his help with mechanical
and construction issues.  Ron Grant is an invaluable resource to bounce
robot ideas off of - plus he's easy to spot...(tall)  Ed Okerson for
loaning his machining equipment to the group and for helping me drill
out that trick axle.  I would also like to thank the many "remote" DPRG
members/supporters living outside the Dallas area who interact via the
DPRG e-mail list... The list of helpful people goes on and on...  

DPRG is a great group of supportive, encouraging, sometimes zany folks
with a wide variety of expertise that are willing to help.  Thanks

Thanks also to Mike Dodson for his support and for providing warehouse
space for our Tuesday night Robot Builder's Night Out(RBNO).  Y'all
come Tuesday nights 7PM see the DPRG website (http://dprg.org) for

U da man DPA!

James Harris


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