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[DPRG] PWM and motor response

Subject: [DPRG] PWM and motor response
From: Vimal Shankar vimalsshankar at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Feb 21 12:40:53 CST 2007

> there is a range of PWM frequency that a motor has
> problem: dont move,
> high duty cycle needed 80-90%, motor produce noise.
> TRY to change PWM
> frequency. it depends on type of motor. a motor can
> work fine at
> 200-1000 hz OR more than 15 khz. motor dont work
> between 1k-15k unless
> you use a high duty cycle. obviously depends on your
> motor. try...

Honestly I was not aware of this !

Any theoritical explnation to this ?

I would rather stay away from locked antiphase, one of
the reaons being I get double the PWM resolution in
sign magnitude for the same hardware.

I also don't think using a PIC with 4 PWM channels (!)
would be feasable... however, if I hear of hobby
robots using such configuration I will not doubt take
a plunge.

But I think there are reason why people like using
sign magnitude...

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