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[DPRG] DPRG at ISDC - status update

Subject: [DPRG] DPRG at ISDC - status update
From: Brian Clough bclough at banksofthesusquehanna.com
Date: Wed May 9 16:57:31 CDT 2007

Yes Steven, I have the hex-bot right here.  I should have it working for 
the show.

I'll be out of town on the 24th, and working on the 25th, but I can work 
the booth any time on the 26th-28th.  Let me know when you need me.

Brian E Clough

R. Steven Rainwater wrote:
> Here's an update on the DPRG presence at the upcoming International
> Space Developement Conference. The conference runs from Thursday, May 24
> through Monday May 28.
> - The DPRG will have a 10' x 20' booth at the ISDC. This will include 2
> or 3 folding tables. We'll need people to man the booth and plenty of
> robots. So far we're planning on the robot arm from the warehouse,
> Tankbot, the Hex Walker donated by Jon Williams (I think Brian has it
> right now?), and my bot. If anyone can add some robots to display, let
> me know.
> - Randy M. Dumse will give a 20 minute presentation on robotics in the
> education track from 5:00pm to 5:25pm on Friday.
> - We're putting on an outdoor robot contest Saturday at 2pm (see my
> previous email for details). 
> We'll need volunteers to man the booth and help with the contest. I've
> had emails from several people willing to volunteer but more are needed.
> Email me and let me know what days and times you would be available.
> Here's the schedule:
> Thursday May 24 (Noon - 6pm): booth setup
> Friday May 25 (9am - 6pm): booth
> Saturday May 26 (9am - 6pm): booth
> Saturday May 26 (2pm - 4pm): outdoor contest
> Sunday May 27 (9am - 6pm): booth
> Monday May 28 (9am - noon): booth
> We'll need extra people on Saturday during the contest. 
> I could really use at least one other person who to help out all four
> days - as an added incentive, I think I can get you a full-conference
> pass.
> These people have volunteered already. If your name is on this list,
> please let me know what days/hours you can help.
> Rick Bickle
> Brian Merritt
> Ihor Nakonecznyj
> Ed Okerson
> Scott Sumner
> -Steve
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