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[DPRG] stella driving down a path

Subject: [DPRG] stella driving down a path
From: Kenneth Maxon kmaxon at qwest.net
Date: Sat May 12 12:39:10 CDT 2007

Hi Chris, just for kicks and giggles, have you considered lowering resolution as a means of increasing frame rate?  So many of the algorithm layers in image processing are x*numpix, with a few being numpix^2 or combinations there of, this may have already been discussed, and I know you have the long term solution to move to 10x horse power in the future, just thought it might be an interesting short term idea.


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Thanks - my mom asked me why Stella drove off the path. It is
a good question and deserving of an answer. I think the answer
is interesting as it is visually obvious.


Improvements to any one of the following will prevent this failure.

1. more reliable and higher framerate camera system
2. more sophisticated computer vision algorithms
3. a real control system with a model of the environment

Number 1 is constrained by the hardware. That is for the next robot.

Number 2 is applying what I already know. Like Stanford's robot, I
think Stella will have to use statistical methods. Even with a
multi-million dollar robot like Stanley, there was a point beyond
which improving the hardware to eliminate noise was too expensive.
So it had to be done in software.

Number 3 is stuff I need to learn. Stella needs to have an adaptive
control strategy. This also implies a re-architecture of the
software into a modular form. At this point, I may move the higher
level code into C++. However, the low-level code will remain in C.
And the user interface code for the LCD, pushbutton and radio is in
the Lua scripting language. I am trying to use the optimal level of
abstraction for different problems.

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>Hello Chris,
>Friday, May 11, 2007, 9:35:17 PM, you wrote:
>> http://golem5.org/video/mvi4027.mpg
>> Hello Everyone,
>> Here is Stella again. There are no changes to the simple
>> obstacle avoidance algorithm from the last movie in a
>> parking lot. What's going on is purely reactive behavior.
>> There is no path planning or kinematic model.
>> Note that Stella has no sensors other than a USB webcam
>> running at around 1.3 frames per second.
>> It looks interesting but really there is a lot of work to
>> do. The computer vision is the simplest possible - look
>> for a clear patch of ground immediately ahead - and
>> ignores a lot that is useful. There is also no control
>> model. I just picked constant thresholds and duty cycles
>> for sensing obstacles and driving the motors. It is
>> entirely ad hoc and does not adapt at all. That's why
>> Stella over-corrects. A real control system is necessary.
>> By the end of the year, it will probably be necessary to
>> move on to another robot. That will probably be a hobby-
>> grade RC vehicle with at least 10x the computer power.
>> Chris
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