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[DPRG] $7 Motor-Encoder-Gear Box from B.G. Micro

Subject: [DPRG] $7 Motor-Encoder-Gear Box from B.G. Micro
From: ellis76016 ellis76016 at tx.rr.com
Date: Tue May 22 22:32:43 CDT 2007

B.G. Micro has a high quality geared motor with quadrature encoder for $7.00 (in quanity of 3 or more).
I just received mine and I am very pleased. 


Motor-Encoder-Gear Box

Detailed Description  
Faulhaber 1524E006S123 15/5S141:1KB32. This miniature Swiss-made precision motor has a 141:1 gear ratio to a right angle drive assembly. And that's not the good part. It also incorporates a magnetic quadrature encoder that is mounted to the motor before the gear box. The encoder on the motor gives 1 pulse per revolution and 141 pulses per revolution of the gear box. Speed and direction both can be determined from the encoder. Motors operate from 3-6 volts. At 3V, RPM is approximately 43. 5V, 72 RPM and 6V, 88 RPM. At 6V, motor draws 20mA. The above measurements taken under no load conditions. Torque is approximately 100mNm, meaning it will strip the skin from the fingers if you clamp down on it and refuse to let go. Motor and gear box measure .63" in diameter and 2.2" long. Drive assembly adds another .64". These motors come with a 6 conductor ribbon wire and a female 2x3 connector. They were removed from working equipment." 


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