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[DPRG] Report on the ISDC conference

Subject: [DPRG] Report on the ISDC conference
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Tue May 29 16:17:11 CDT 2007

> Special thanks to Randy M. Dumse, who volunteered to give a 
> presentation in the ISDC education track. Randy also 
> generously agreed to provide prizes for the winners of the 
> Long Haul contest. David and the Austin team were presented 
> with certificates redeemable for New Micros hardware.

You know, one of the reasons sponsors give prizes is so they can
get exposure of their products to potential other customers in
the club. So, I hope no one will mind if I take a minute to
describe what prizes I offered up.

For 1st place, I offered a Zigbee radio set. On one end is a USB
Dongle with a Xbee Pro module. One end goes into a USB port on
your laptop (or host of what not) and the other bit is the Xbee
Pro tranceiver. Under proper antenna conditions this gives a 1
mile (although half a mile is more realistic for open-air,
antennas close to the ground as they are on our robots) radio
serial data link running up to 115,200. On the other end, there
is another Xbee Pro module on a PCB, which regulates powers to
the module, and if necessary converts the module TTL output to
RS-232 levels.

If you want to see the USB Dongle, go to www.newmicros.com and
click the USB-Xbee-Dongle picture on the home page. The Dongle
will be obvious from the picture. The other end PCB will be a
stripped version of our XBEE-Adapter-232 without the stacking
connectors, which do you no good unless you're stacking it on
our processors.

So default as it comes, this is a USB to RS-232 replacement
cable, that has a radio in the middle. The radio can be used in
transparent mode on six different channels, or, using the
MaxStream X-CTU software, configured to do addressed networking.
This product set will be in our next for Nuts & Volts ad.

For 2nd place, I offered a $29 Tini-2131. This small processor
1" x 1.3" has a legacy pin out compatible with a stamp, but
contains a 60-MHz 16/32-bit ARM processor built in. Features:
32KByte Program Flash, 8KByte Sram, Serial RS-232, JTAG, user's
LEDs, 16 GPIO's share function with PWMs, Timers, SPI, SCI,
Interrrupts, and more. 

To see this product, go to our web site, www.newmicros.com and
click the TiniARM(TM) Button on the left frame.

I hope the winners enjoy these products. I also hope they give
reports on the lest how well they like them (if they do) in the

Now speaking as a member, instead of a sponsor, remind us all,
we could really do ourselves much good, by the recipients
letting the sponsors know we appreciate their donations. After
all, their humans too, and appreciate being though of well, and
"reaching in and taking cash from their pockets", to help
promote our contests, when they certainly don't have to.


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