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[DPRG] On contests

Subject: [DPRG] On contests
From: dpa dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Wed May 30 18:29:20 CDT 2007


Dale makes very good points, and he speaks from some experience since he has
himself put many many hours into DPRG events.

>From the single data point of last weekend's contest (thanks Steve!) the 
observation that jumps out to me is not the lack of contest coordinators,
but the the lack of contest entries.  Lots of effort went into an event for 
only two entries.

We've had this discussion on and off over the years, and the conventional
wisdom has always been that the membership just won't build robots without
contests as an incentive.  

Now I'm probably a peculiar deviant from this wisdom.  My problem has usually
been the opposite --- that there are no contests designed to show off what
my robots are built to do.  

So my question is this:  Is the conventional wisdom really correct?  Is it
really true the DPRG membership needs a stead flow of contests else no
robots will ever get built?


> Contest attendees,
> While the list of suggested improvements for running our various contests grows 
> on a daily basis, I can't help but notice that the list of people willing to 
> coordinate and assist in the orgainzation, execution and presentation of our 
> contests continues to dwindle at an alarming rate.
> Without contest coordinators, contests don't happen.  Please, if you'd like to 
> help improve our contests or other public events, consider volunteering.  It 
> takes an investment in time and planning to make these things happen.  Every 
> contest coordinator, including myself, shares the feeling that "I wish I could 
> have done more".  Better press coverage, more prizes, better attendance, more 
> interesting challenges, contingency plans, more venues - the list goes on 
> seemingly forever.  The amount of available time that can be devoted to these 
> tasks, on the other hand, is of necessity limited.
> As an officer of the club and member of the board of directors, I recognize and 
> value the contributions of valuable time, creativity and energy made by our 
> contest coordinators.  My personal thanks go out to Steve Rainwater for 
> organizing and bringing to life our most recent contest at the ISDC, as well as 
> spearheading our public presence at that venue.
> Thanks,
> Dale Wheat

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