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[DPRG] Contest for November

Subject: [DPRG] Contest for November
From: Glenn Pipe ggpipe at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Sep 9 21:18:19 CDT 2007

At the August meeting I volunteered to organize the next contest but before deciding on the type of contest I wanted to get members inputs. I want to try to get as many people to participate as possible so I want to make it as friendly as possible.

I wanted to try to have it on Nov 10, but the normal place we have our competitions is not available then. I am trying to get the space for another date. I would prefer to have hold it in a more public venue like the Museum of Nature and Science to get more people interested in the club, rather than holding it at the warehouse.

Here are some of the possible types of contests we could have, but feel free to suggest something new if you have some ideas.

1) Quick trip, T Time, Can Can, using the small course
    - Easier to setup and move but I understand some people's robots have difficulty with the shorter walls of this course

2) Quick trip, T Time, Can Can, using the older, larger course
    - Harder to setup and move but can accommodate larger robots

3) Outdoor Long Haul 
    - Relatively new to DPRG, but the interest is there

4) Sumo, tabletop contest

5) A 4 bottle contest similar to http://www.botmag.com/articles/06-10-07_4bottle_robot_race.shtml
  This is a nation wide contest that competitors can submit their entries by video taping their robot and submit the tape for judging.

6) A combination of the above.

I want to nail down the contest type by the end of the week (Sept 15) and hold the contest sometime in November.

Post your ideas to the list.


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