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[DPRG] A few Robothon 2007 photos and one video (mostly Robo-Magellan)

Subject: [DPRG] A few Robothon 2007 photos and one video (mostly Robo-Magellan)
From: Dave Hylands dhylands at gmail.com
Date: Mon Sep 24 18:25:52 CDT 2007

Hi Chris,

I too took a bunch of video clips, but haven't had a chance to post
them. Since I know who is who, I figured I'd point it out.

> There is also a MPEG1 of the robot that won the Robo-Magellan
> contest. By the start of the video, it had traveled several
> hundred feet. After touching the waypoint cone, the robot
> drove back to the starting point, touched the starting cone
> and stopped.

That would be Intrepid, by Mark Curry. I also have some video clips of
Intrepid from PDXBot (which took place in May). Mark mentioned that he
had made quite a few changes since then. It was also raining in
Portland the day of the competition which is why the orange cover was

Intrepid was also at the 2006 Robothon:

> The Lego robot was actually quite fast and able to traverse
> rougher terrain than you might think. The builder said it was
> powered by six AA batteries.

And the Lego one was called Green Monster, by Steve Hassenplug.

> The larger robot with the square outer frame had a lot of
> power and was very stable in operation. Note the woman in
> eyeglasses holding the black box. This was a radio kill and
> manual control device.

This one was Mag1294, by Eastlake Robotics (which was also at Robothon 2006)

> The robot with the picture of Ferdinand Magellan on the side
> had a trailing odometry wheel. The two guys who made it were
> from the Bay Area.

That was A3 by Jim McGuffin.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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