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[DPRG] Programming Alternatives for the VEX

Subject: [DPRG] Programming Alternatives for the VEX
From: Dick Swan dickswan at sbcglobal.net
Date: Thu Sep 27 10:03:27 CDT 2007

Hopefully you've already looked at the www.vexlabs.com
<http://www.vexlabs.com/>  and www.ifirobotics.com
<http://www.ifirobotics.com/>  sites.


You're going to program the VEX using one of three options:

*	Lowest level is via Microchip's MPLAB IDE. Not something that
I would recommend because there is no operating system and the
architecture is not very amenable to user programming.
*	EasyC from Intelitek
<http://www.intelitek.com/products/menu.asp?cid=1&pid=12> &pid=12)
provides a graphical programming environment. If you already have
software skills, then you'll probably not want this.
*	ROBOTC from Carnegie-Mellon University (www.robotc.net
<http://www.robotc.net/> ) provides an interpreted C programming
environment. I think this is best solution. [NOTE: I'm biased, I'm one
of the developers! :-)]
*	Finally you may want to use MPLAB and the WPILIB software
library from Worchester Polytechnical Institute. It is the underlying
library used in EasyC.


You should find a bunch of tutorials on www.rolbotc.net
<http://www.rolbotc.net/> ; there's also some user forums at that
site. You'll find an active web forum about VEX and its big brother,
the FRC on http://www.chiefdelphi.com <http://www.chiefdelphi.com/> .
This site is mostly about the FIRST competitions which use both the
VEX and the FRC.


If you're going to program with MPLAB then you'll also want to check
out Kevin Watson's site at http://www.kevin.org/frc/. It's got a lot
of software examples for the FRC that can be easily adapted to the


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Recently I have started getting more involved in Robotics. I have
purchased the Vex Robotics kit and accessories. Is there any other
kits or books that you guys recommend that I get and begin reading, I
work for the DOD as a Sr Engineer so I have a strong background. So
any kits or books that might lean that direction would help also. 








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