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[DPRG] Arduino I/O Board

Subject: [DPRG] Arduino I/O Board
From: Triffid Hunter triffid_hunter at funkmunch.net
Date: Tue Dec 2 00:39:38 CST 2008

I have an arduino, it's pretty neat although I haven't really tested its 
capabilities fully.

It's basically an ft232r usb<->serial chip and an atmega168 pre-loaded 
with serial bootloader and running at 16MHz on a breakout board.

I have never used the arduino host software, I program mine with avr-gcc, 
avr-libc and avrdude in C.

Just the other day I hooked up an hd44780-based LCD and wrote a frequency 
counter, works great :)

The reprap project is using the arduino as the sole controller for all 
its motors and sensors, and from what I read, some are even interpreting 
g-code at the same time!

The arduino community is massive (just check out the forums!) and is 
appearing more and more often on sites such as hackaday.

I read that they're planning on upgrading to the atmega328p at some point, 
and support for these chips in the host software is either on the way or 

On Tue, 2 Dec 2008, Dodd Gatsos wrote:

> I have been looking around for a good I/O board to interface with my laptop for my robot project and happened to accidentally stubble across a reference to the Arduino Open Source Hardware project on Slashdot today. http://www.arduino.cc/.  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this board/project and can comment on its usefulness/ease of use?
> Thanks
> -Dodd
> http://robododd.blogspot.com/

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