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[DPRG] Arduino I/O Board

Subject: [DPRG] Arduino I/O Board
From: Dave Grubb davidagrubb at hotmail.com
Date: Tue Dec 2 05:50:28 CST 2008

It's very easy to use and dirt cheap. One of my classmates has a box full of the them, he's not a terribly confident programmer or hardware person but he swears by the things and uses them frequently for prototyping. My only complaint is that the arduino programming software is a bit spartan. However, it has an enormous amount of community support including pre-written libraries for things like running servos. One particularly impressive library allowed use of a digital I/O and separate ADC pin to create a capacitance proximity sensor without having to use another chip like a Q-prox. 
Triffid Hunter:> The reprap project is using the arduino as the sole controller for all> its motors and sensors, and from what I read, some are even interpreting> g-code at the same time!
Last time I saw one at a science festival (about six months ago) it was run by a PIC16F of some description. Glad to hear they've changed that.

From: dgatsos at hotmail.comTo: dprglist at dprg.orgDate: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 04:17:20 +0000Subject: [DPRG] Arduino I/O Board

 I have been looking around for a good I/O board to interface with my laptop for my robot project and happened to accidentally stubble across a reference to the Arduino Open Source Hardware project on Slashdot today. http://www.arduino.cc/.  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this board/project and can comment on its usefulness/ease of use? Thanks-Doddhttp://robododd.blogspot.com/

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