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[DPRG] Breadboards in high-speed apps

Subject: [DPRG] Breadboards in high-speed apps
From: Ray Xu rayxu at tx.rr.com
Date: Tue Dec 2 18:17:45 CST 2008

Hi, as I'm doing extensive research in high-speed devices and op amps, I
came across that it is not a good idea to prototype high-speed devices on a
breadboard because of stray capacitances (what I'm most worried) and
high-resistances.  I have a breadboard from Jameco (model JE27), but the
datasheet does not provide any capacitance information.  Later I did some
more research into capacitances in breadboards, and I've found that (from
various sources and other's experience) the capacitance range from 1pF to
30pF.  As for the phase-detecting part of my laser range finder, I'm afraid
that this stray capacitance will distort the signal (especially since the
pulse width will be more than/equal to 1 nanosecond).  The phase detecting
portion will only be a THS3202 wired as a comparator.  To avoid the most
stray capacitance, can I build this off the bread board (such as on those
prototyping SMD boards), or is it possible I can not use the strips in the
breadboard and just wire the pins directly to the other parts of the


For the high-speed op amp, since I'm working with SMD and SOT packages, will
the stray capacitance accumulate, or it won't change significantly over the
circuit on time?  I will be using SMD adapters like these:
and http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail?name=A724-ND




Ray Xu.  

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