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[DPRG] Breadboards in high-speed apps

Subject: [DPRG] Breadboards in high-speed apps
From: Ray Xu rayxu at tx.rr.com
Date: Wed Dec 3 19:43:11 CST 2008

Between year of 1998 and now; I'm guessing the "Wainwright Instruments"
business has vanished; I couldn't find the business that sells prototyping
products - not RF filters...

I also do not want to use methods where I have to etch my own PCBs, or
custom PCBs since my soldering skills are very poor, and it wastes time and
money.  Things like "surfboards" are okay for me.

Just to make it clear (in case I never did), the only place I'm dealing with
high-frequencies is on the output of the THS3202 comparator for the
phase-detecting circuit.  The output will be a pulse train; + pulse widths
ranging from 1nS and up.  What I was trying to explain was that to use those
"surfboards" and make the phase detecting circuit on that; but I'd rather
avoid it if I have other satisfactory choices.

Ray Xu 

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