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[DPRG] Can anybody suggest cheap and easy CAD software?

Subject: [DPRG] Can anybody suggest cheap and easy CAD software?
From: brianmerritt at att.net brianmerritt at att.net
Date: Thu Dec 11 13:27:16 CST 2008

Can anybody out there suggest some CAD software that is cheap (or freeware)
and easy to use and learn?  I have tried a couple of freeware packages but
they leave a lot to be desired.  I need to have .DXF formatted output
(ACAD), but what I've seen so far can't read its own .DXF output back in
without screwing it up. Also I want to be able to make scale drawings on a
printer. What I seen to date screws up the print out by skewing one or both
dimensions.  I realize I could probably beat my head on some software for
days and get a useable result but I know there has got to be a better


Thanks, Brian

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