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[DPRG] Meeting This Saturday at the Garland Clubhouse - 12 NOON

Subject: [DPRG] Meeting This Saturday at the Garland Clubhouse - 12 NOON
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Thu Dec 11 19:09:22 CST 2008

Greetings Fellow DPRG Folks,
Forget holiday shopping or other plans --
Meeting this Saturday at the Garland Clubhouse.
Bring your robots or whatever cool project you are working on.
For starters:
Glenn will show off the Vinculum Vmusic MP3 Player which interfaces to your  
microcontroller via serial interface or SPI.  In addition to its ability to  
play music from usb flash drive It gives you the ability to read and write your 
 own files using the serial interface eliminating a good deal of complexity 
from  your controller.
I will show off single chip MP3 player similar to that which is used in the  
vmusic. In this case the chip interfaces to SPI bus and I am streaming data 
from  an SD card. I hope to have phrase playback working where robot can 
announce  numerical values verbally, e.g. heading ...
We will be nominating officers for 2009 and will vote at the January  meeting.
Email nominations can be submitted also.
See you Saturday,
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