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[DPRG] Meeting Tomorrow Garland Clubhouse - Request For Food / Video / Bring Stuff

Subject: [DPRG] Meeting Tomorrow Garland Clubhouse - Request For Food / Video / Bring Stuff
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Fri Feb 8 17:25:30 CST 2008

Hello DPRG Folks,
Meeting Tomorrow at the DPRG World Headquarters in GARLAND
I borrowed an XGA  data projector from a friend and a 60"x60" glass  bead 
to try out to see how well it performs.  I am sure we can get the  specs -- 
thinking 2500 Lumens.
I may be able to keep the projector until April Meeting.
The topic is sensors -- this is a group participation thing. Bring your  
robots or whatever.
If you have something to display on-screen, bring your laptop , we can  
display it..
Also bring anything you have been working on.
Let's see if Vicki is on?  If not, maybe we can muster some ham and  cheese 
or something to make sandwiches.. We have plenty of Mustard (like 5  
Dan is brining 2 cases of bottled water.
If you don't bring some food/ drink just be prepared to chip in a bit if  you 
have some food/drink...
We have a proposed new logo to show off.
Remember next month, March,  NO MEETING -- doing All-Con in  Addison.
So this is a good meeting to make!
Again, If you have old monitors/computers/cable you want to recycle --  bring 
Anything for sale trade -- do it.
Something Extra Nice you want to sell, but give $ to DPRG we can do that  too.

We have a need for Video Source Material for Scott or I or someone who  would 
to put on Demo DVD to loop at All-Con
1. We will use some of David Anderson's clips from his website
2. Cindy Rivers, can we have permission to use a few minutes of contest  
video footage?
3  Dave Peterson, can we have permission to use some of the video you  took 
-- if you have datafiles
   that we could use in composing a video loop.
4. We would add a few titles and DPRG logo into continuous loop of about  
5-15 minutes or so of video

Thanks & Looking Forward to seeing everyone Tomorrow.
Ron Grant

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