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[DPRG] Destroyed by Robots

Subject: [DPRG] Destroyed by Robots
From: dpa dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Fri Feb 8 18:56:53 CST 2008

"Robot Owners Step Up To Plate"

Robot owner/operator The City of Denton called my house this week to
inquire as to the cost of replacing our mailbox, which DPRGer's will
remember was destroyed by robots a few weeks ago.

Being the uber-organized gear-head that I am I of course didn't keep the
receipt or remember even vaguely how much was paid down at Home Depot
for the new one.  

I've moved beyond that, now.  Beyond the trauma.

However, I thought the list might like to know, especially since I
bad-mouthed the city when it happened, another data point in the
evolving field of robot ethics.


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