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Subject: [DPRG] Weller WCC100
From: Rick Bickle rbickle at intconsys.com
Date: Mon Feb 11 12:11:32 CST 2008

Thought I'd mention something here on the topic of soldering irons and stations.
You can get a complete soldering station which is a chinese copy of the Hako for around $30. They are pretty good quality for the price.
They have them at www.circuitspecialists.com.


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Thanks for this very useful information.  Being a pack rat, I saved all the parts of my WCC100 soldering iron.  I thought I might run across a used one or a source for parts to fix mine one day, and so I did. I now plan to order a new heater, sensor and board to fix mine up.  It was a great iron and served me well for several years.  Since I had many tips for the model 100, when it failed, I went ahead and bought a Weller WES51 so I could use the tips I already had.  Once I fix the WCC100 I will have two great irons with interchangeable tips.


Thanks again,



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This posting is a response to a posting 3 years ago by DPRG member, Brian Merritt.

I have been repairing Weller soldering stations since 1975, with the 40 year old TCP models (based on Carl Weller's original patents) my favorite.


This is an informational post for owners of the Weller WCC100 soldering station.
Some DPRG builders have this soldering station for their electronics building, from earlier references or recommendations.

This is the BLUE colored station that was sold by Weller until 1999, when it was discontinued

The Weller WLC100, which is an ORANGE colored station, is totally DIFFERENT as far as initernal electronics and the soldering iron tips that it uses.
The Weller WCC100 is a temperature controlled soldering station that Weller 
sold in 1990s, until it was discontinued by Weller in 1999. 
I am collecting pertinent documentation for this Weller station (including the 
Tech Sheet) that will eventually be available electronically (likely through 
This WCC100 station uses the Weller "ET" series soldering tips, which are used on a 
number of current Weller soldering stations.  The WES51 soldering station r! eplaced the WCC100.

The WCC100 soldering station is a line voltage ( 120 VAC) station.
It has no isolation transformer and the control board is connected directly to 
line voltage (no fuse, surge protection or safety capacitor).  The control 
board monitors the thermocouple (temperature sensor) and 120 VAC heater.

Parts numbers for Weller WCC100 solder station

WCC101 - Replacement Iron w/ETA tip
WCC102 - Replacement Heater (120 V)
WCC103 - Temperature Sensor w/Spring
WCC104 - Sponge 
WCC105 - Spring and Funnel Assembly
WCC106 - Control Board
WCC108 - Weller Barrel Nut
SW120 - Switch (Carling LRA series illuminated rocker)
ET series tips - widely available and used in Weller WES51, "EC" and Silver 
Series stations

WCC102 heater has a resistance of about 348 to 350 ohms at room temperature (27 C)

WCC103 temperature sensor has a resistance of about 1 to 2 ohms at room 
temperature (27 C)

The Weller WCC103 temperature sensor is actually an iron-constantan thermocouple (likely Type J).

Weller used Type K thermocouples for is "EC" series soldering stations.

Sensitivity believed to be about 50 µV/°C
The relationship between temperature and voltage produced is NON-Linear.

When replacing the WCC103 sensor the leads MUST be correctly installed
OR the soldering iron stays on continuously and eventually overheats.
The Iron (magnetic) lead connects to the RED wire.

The Constantan (copper-nickel alloy/non-magnetic) lead connects to the YELLOW wire.


What is a thermocouple sensor?
A thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature. It consists of two
dissimilar metals, joined together at one end. When the junction of the two
metals is heated or cooled a voltage is produced that can be correlated back
to the temperature.

I acquired a WCC100 soldering station, via eBay, that was non-functional in 
December 2007. 
The temperature sensor (WCC103) had failed (open - infinite resistance) in this 
station's iron.  Some parts are becoming more difficult to obtain for this specific station, since Weller discontinued it over 8 years ago.  This station now works as new - today!

IF you have a dead WCC100 station, now is the time to get it repaired, unless 
you are scrapping it (I will accept these donations).

These Distributors have Weller WCC100 parts "in stock", as of December 2007
Allied Electronics 

WCC103 Temperature Sensor (115 units in stock)
Allied part number: 984-2267, price: $ 7.30

HBF Electronics (Philadelphia, PA)

800-426-4230 (Orders Only)



WCC108 - Weller Barrell Nut - $ 5.15

Santa Cruz Electronics (California)

WCC102 - Replacement Heater (120 V) - $ 21.34
WCC104 - Replacement Sponge - $ 1.50
WCC106 - Control Board - $ 5.74
WCC108 - Weller Barrel Nut - $ 7.52
GC Electronics (available at any GC Electronics reseller or retailer)
SW120 - Replacement Illuminated Rocker switch 
GC Electronics part number 35-3740 - $ 3.00

Carling Curvette LRA series - LRA211C.
LRA211: 125V Neon Lamp; 16A 125VAC; .250 QC Tabs; 
OFF-NONE-ON (SPST); Red Transparent, Black bezel.


Greg Beat



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