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[DPRG] May contest

Subject: [DPRG] May contest
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Sun Feb 24 13:44:25 CST 2008

Date for the spring 2008 contest is May 10th  (Second  Saturday in May) at 
Fair Park.
More details from contest coordinator Eric Sumner.
Contest starts at 12 NOON
I believe we will meet  in the lobby area of the Museum of  Science and 
History (formerly the Science Place), first for cone contest  designed by Eric 
Sumner, and also line following contest.
Then my guess is outdoor robots will be introduced and we will move to the  
parking lot area that David Anderson has designated in his rules posted  to:
for the outdoor contest.
(The rules on the dprg.org website have not been updated yet.)
Keep an eye out for micro refinements to the schedule.
I do know that the date and time are set.
Ron Grant

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