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[DPRG] Robots on the Moon

Subject: [DPRG] Robots on the Moon
From: David dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Mon Feb 25 10:48:23 CST 2008


Jeff wrote:
> Lunar robots - very cool!

I saw this also made the front page of the Washington Post this weekend.

> My (earthbound) outdoor robot's frame is about 1/2 done...and I've got
> a relatively empty weekend.  I now know how I'll be spending a good
> part of it.


> Who else has an outdoor robot in the works?

I went by Fair Park yesterday and took some more GPS locations.  The parking lot
next to the RailRoad Museum looks good, also the remote lot.  The area between 
the Science Place and the Band Shell has been turned into a series of gardens
so we'll need to come up with a new route for Challenge #4, if anyone is ready
for that.

If there is no more feedback or questions concerning the proposed contest rules
then I think Steve is going to post them to www.dprg.org this week.

Happy Roboting,

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